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Take the first step toward winning your case by properly serving legal documents through licensed and bonded Colorado process servers. With 30 years of professional process service experience in Denver, our CO Process Servers professionally serve legal documents anywhere in Denver immediately.

To serve legal documents to a business in Denver contact us for fast and professional delivery. If you need next-day, same-day, or weekend service of process (SOP) in Denver or anywhere in Colorado, we can guarantee fast delivery of all legal documents including serving people at homes, businesses and take care of all registered agent services at CT Corporation, Corporation Service Company and National Registered Agents. We also offer international service of process through The Hague and perform specialized service of process service at military bases, in correctional facilities and on Native American Indian Reservations.

Why You Need A Professional Process Server in Denver, Colorado

If you’ve ever tried to get an elusive defendant into a courtroom. Attend a deposition, appear for a mediation or negotiation room, then you know — it’s no easy task. If you haven’t you can trust our Denver process servers to take care of process serving anyone for you. We deal with people who tend to go into hiding rather than accept being served with legal papers or a subpoena all the time. Serving people, especially in Denver takes cunning and ingenuity. We have that, and are process servers will serve your legal documents no matter how much the defendants try to hide. What’s more, we do it effectively, quickly, and we are affordable.

Denver Process Serving Services, we serve process throughout Colorado and worldwide.

Process Server One employs expert process servers who are familiar with local, state and federal laws. They will ensure that your papers are served quickly and legally within required time constraints so that you can move forward with the legal action.

Denver City and County of Denver Denver City and County of Denver, is the capital and most populous municipality of state of Colorado. Denver is located in the South Platte River Valley on the western edge of the High Plains just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. With an estimated population of 900,000 Denver is the 18th-most populous U.S. city. Denver has been one of the fastest-growing major cities in the United States for years. The metropolitan city of Denver is located in the middle of the extensive Southern Rocky Mountains. The Denver downtown district is immediately east of the Cherry Creek with the South Platte River, to the east of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Denver is named after James W. Denver, a governor. It is nicknamed the Mile High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile above sea level. As your Denver Process Server and Colorado statewide service provider, you can depend upon us to handle all your needs in a timely and professional manner.

The Most Popular Legal Documents We Serve in Denver and throughout Colorado Are:

  • Bank Levies
  • Court Filings
  • Cross Complaints
  • Evictions & Foreclosures
  • Family Law
  • litigation Support
  • Notices and Letters
  • Personal Subpoenas
  • Probate Matters
  • Record Subpoenas
  • Restraining Orders
  • Small Claims
  • Subpoena’s
  • Summons & Complaints
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Writs of Execution

Court, Process and Litigation Services We offer in Denver, and throughout Colorado


Our Denver Colorado process servers specialize in solving problems – in finding the way through complex issues. No matter your needs, you will find our Denver staff to be skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and professional at all times.

  • Court Filings
  • Court Records
  • Court Research
  • E-Filing
  • International Service of Process
  • Language Translation
  • Litigation Support
  • On-site Document Reproduction
  • Process Serving Service
  • Process Service on Native American Reservations
  • Public Records
  • Service of Process by Publication
  • Subpoena Domestications
  • Subpoena Preparation
  • Subpoena Service

Process Server One ™
We have Many Service Locations beyond Colorado

Whether you live in Colorado, Arizona, California, Illinois, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Indiana, Nevada, Utah, Florida, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Ohio, New York or elsewhere, you can count on Process Server One for all your process service needs. Our processing organization only utilizes licensed and bonded process servers to serve your legal documents. They know what it takes to get the job done.

We can guarantee same day or next day process service in nearly every city in the Nation.

What Exactly Is Process Serving Service like in Denver ?

There’s more to Process Service than meets the eye, and so much more than what you see in the movies. There’s a particular protocol that everyone has to follow in Denver and throughout Colorado to abide by applicable laws.

Process Serving Services is essentially the process of delivering legal papers to a specific business or a person in Denver and throughout Colorado. However, while doing so, we have to follow the particular rules that will leave no room for doubt that the person or organization received the documents properly. Some documents have to be personally served — delivered to that specific person. No one else can take or accept in that person’s name. The rules are similar for an organization or a business — we have to deliver the documents to the appointed person in the firm. That can be the head of the office or an appointed agent.

The bottom line is this — we know how to do that in the most effective way. After we serve a particular inliidual in Denver, we will note the time, date, and location of the service, so it’s admissible in court. One single mistake can lead to a dismissal, so why risk it? We don’t!

How We Do That Thing We Do

As process serving professionals in Denver, we know the business inside and out — we are familiar with every county in Colorado and we live and breathe the laws, both local and federal, so we know not to break them.

If you wanted to serve someone in Denver, Colorado, or anywhere else you probably wouldn’t even know where to start. What if your hard-to-find inliidual left no trace behind? Or if the business you’re looking for is in a secure building. We know all the legal ways around those issues, and will effectively serve anyone, anywhere in Denver. We have databases, so when we hit the streets in search of the defendants, we know who we are looking for and where to find them. Our resources are formidable, and we know how to outwit even the most slippery people. What’s more, we’ll do it without trespassing.

The rules for process serving are there for a reason and are an unavoidable part of the legal process. As licensed professionals, in Denver, Colorado and with offices nationwide, we abide by those laws professionally and rigorously.